With its durable steel construction and high-inertia drums, the Dynojet Dyno can accurately diagnose performance or drivability problems in vehicles with anywhere from 20 to 1200 Hp at the drive wheels. Dyno runs can be done at speeds up to 200 mph, providing safe, reliable road testing right in the shop. This makes the Automotive Dynamometer ideal for both performance enthusiasts and general repair shops.

With a quick vehicle mounting time, the Dynojet Dyno allows you to measure, record, and diagnose performance problems quickly. Our new DynoWare EX+ interface hardware and WinPEP evaluation software automatically correct for altitude and atmospheric conditions, producing consistent, easily interpretable power graphs.

Stop wasting valuable time and money with the endless trial and error method of tuning. No more taking your car out to the track to realize if the engine is not performing at its peak! Dyno-Pro will take the guesswork out of performance tuning.

Dyno Rate Sheet

Pre Run Rate: Dyno Runs Only
65.00 / 2-Runs Chassis Dyno
15.00 / Initial hook up-air/fuel ratio test
Hourly Rate: Dyno Runs with Tuning
90.00 / 1st Hour Unlimited Runs
55.00 / Each Additional Hour
1 Hour Minimum

  • Measure horsepower & torque
  • Off track tuning and testing
  • Drivability and Computer diagnostics
  • Test results of performance parts
  • Speed calibration
  • Distributor dial-in
  • Carb. dial-in
  • Real time testing & tuning
  • Uses the same diagnostics tools that NASCAR uses!